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Our Core Values


K - Knowledge

  • As retailers and manufacturers of sportswear since its founding, the company continues to build on its wealth of expertise by acquiring knowledge and seeking understanding in our field. We vow never to rest on our laurels.

N - Nimble

  • Bodynits endeavors to stay nimble regardless of size. Nimble-ness allows the company to stay relevant in an ever-changing landscape.

I - Integrity

  • Integrity is knitted into fabric of Bodynits. Every member of the company is expected to deal with all stakeholders with integrity and honesty.

T - Teamwork

  • Bodynits was founded as a family business, with unity and teamwork at the forefront. The spirit of teamwork endures an ever-evolving workforce.
  • Teamwork requires diligence, staying humble and putting others first, all key components of a productive workforce.

S - Service

  • Leadership through service: Bodynits aims to serve the communities in which it operates in. We believe in impacting the people within and around the organization.