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Product Capabilities

Our long expertise in stretch fabrics allows us to work well with many categories of active wear, and below are some of our capabilities:

Performance & Running

Performance and running wear is mostly about lightness, compression, minimal friction between the fabric and skin, and sweat management.

Our understanding of materials and construction will help manage the construction, trims and seams on the garment to help keep it light, bring down chafing, and help with keeping the wearer dry and cool.

Studio & Yoga

Studio and yoga wear requires more give and flexibility when stretching, comfort and versatility are the main priorities.

Our experience in construction and fit would aid in crafting garments that move with the wearer.

Tennis & Golf

Tennis and golf wear has a more structured look that can end up with undesired silhouettes if ill-executed. Our technical expertise with construction would help keep things clean and tamed down.

Sports Bras

Sports bras are a crucial item in any active woman’s outfit, support, comfort and aesthetics are important elements making a good sports bra.

We craft sports bras with care in construction, ensuring that the fit is optimal for the range of sizes and that the bra is built for good support in its intended impact range.